Core Business
Population Counter


  • Working closely with Uganda’s Parliamentary Forum on Food Security, Population and Development since 1997 to address reproductive health in Parliament.
  • Holding dialogues on reproductive health in districts.
  • Working with Goodwill Ambassadors like the Office of the First Lady and the Nnabageraka to promote safe motherhood and child survival.
  • Working closely with the media to highlight key population and development issues.
  • Working with Cultural and Religious institutions to address population, reproductive health issues.

Policy Analysis and Development

  • Formulate and adopt policies and guidelines/standards that enhance the quality of life of the population.

Capacity Building

  • Integration of population variables in the district development plans.
  • Integration of reproductive health in district development plans.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Effective implementation will require a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system. The following key interventions will be undertaken.

  • Develop effective M&E tools for the population programme.
  • Institutionalise mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating population programmes.
  • Disseminate and promote utilisation of monitoring and evaluation results for decision making and planning.
  • Disseminate and promote utilisation of data and information on populations trends and patterns for evidence-based planning and decidsion making.

Resource Mobilization for Population programme

Given the increasing challenges in the field of population and development in the country, resource mobilization is an important part for the implementation of the population programme. Thus the following interventions:

  • Develop resource mobilization strategy.
  • Develop costed action plans.
  • Advocate for increased budgetary allocation for implementation of the National Population Policy and programmes at national, district and lower levels.
  • Develop capacity of stakeholders at various levels for resource mobilization.
  • Strengthen partnerships and collaboration for resource mobilization.