Population Counter


1. Background

National Population Council is a government agency that was established by an Act of Parliament in 2014. The Council transitioned from the Population Secretariat that was established in 1988 as a semi-autonomous institution under the Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development. It is mandated to formulate and review the National Population Policy, ensuring policy and programme coherence, including alignment with appropriate regional and international instruments and agreements.

The Council also promotes the integration of population variables in development planning at all levels with emphasis in harnessing the Demographic Dividends (DD) in the country, in accordance with the agreed framework under the National Development Plan. It also mobilizes resources for implementation of the National Population Policy and Programme.

2. Internships

 National Population Council (NPC) is dedicated to providing opportunities for students and recent graduates to enhance their educational experiences. The Council emphasis hands-on experience to build upon skills learned in the classroom and develop a culture of high quality life-long learning, positive work habits and attitudes.

The internship programme also provides an opportunity to build lasting relationship between students and the National Population Council.

3. Applications

Internship is conducted twice a year. Applications should be submitted between 1stJanuary to end of March for the June to August in-take and between 1st May to end of July for the September- November in-take, each calendar Year.

Applications should be submitted to the Director General, National Population Council, Plot 9 Colville Street, Statistics House, 2nd Floor, P.O. Box 2666, Kampala.

Applicants should attach the following documents;

  • Application letter
  • Introductory letter from the university
  • Academic results indicating their CGPA
  • National Identity Card
  • School ID
  • Applicants in their second year of study are particularly encouraged to apply

Shortlisted students for each in-take will be posted on this website.


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