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Uganda: Health Experts Root for Simplified Research Findings


Health experts have urged researchers involved in clinical work to simplify their research findings for the public to understand and interpret them for the good of their health.

“A lot of research findings have been done and left to gather dust on the shelves without being of any help to the needs of communities,” Dr. Andrew Kambugu, who chairs Uganda Society for Health Scientists.

He pointed out that a lot of people are carrying out research but it is not published and yet data analyzed by different people could be useful during the course of treatment.

The medic got the backing of Makerere University researcher, Dr. Steven Baguma who said most researchers don’t publish their findings in health journals and other publications.

“Many researchers have only stopped at research. They don’t disseminate it. We need to find a way of simplifying it and sending it to our people,” Baguma said.

The health experts made remarks during the 14th annual scientific conference at Hotel Africana in Kampala on Thursday.

The conference held under the theme: “Research for better, enabling evidence based practiced” was organized by Uganda Society for Health Scientists.

Kambugu  appealed to Government to increase more funding in research in order to improve the health care system in country and for sound policy formulation.

Baguma rooted for the need for researchers to conduct their surveys at the community level.

“We should interface with communities and get different information from people at the grassroots.”

Kambugu encouraged health researchers to utilize the association by sharing their research findings so that they can be used in higher institutions of learning in the country.

He said the society has created an enabling environment for scientific research geared towards prevention and treatment of diseases that affect Ugandans.

That is, diseases like HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis (TB), cancer, malaria and issues to do with maternal and child health.

Dr. Lydia Nakiyingi of Makerere University noted that cases of TB were on the rise and therefore, need to put up mitigation measures.

Source: AllAfrica.com