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2011 Media Awards

The Population Secretariat with support from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) announces the Media Awards 2011 for coverage of population and development issues. These issues include Reproductive Health, Gender, Population growth, Environment, Education, Migration, Urbanization, Human resource and employment.

Entries are invited from journalists in the print and electronic media to compete for these awards. The entries should have been aired or been published in Uganda between August 2010 and August 2011.Guidelines for submissions
(i) Entries should be clearly marked with entrant’s name, media House, email address and phone contact.
(ii) Non-English entries should be accompanied with an English translation.
(iii) Number of submitted entries per participant should not exceed five.
(iv) Duration of submission should not exceed 5 minutes per item for electronic media entries.
(v) Electronic media submissions should be either on VCD, DVD or audio CD.
(vi) Electronic media entries should include a short transcript.
(vii) Print media submissions should clearly show name of publication and date when article was published.

There will be a special category for upcountry journalists.

The winners will receive their awards during the launching of the State of Uganda and World Population Reports 2011, in October.

The deadline for submission of entries is September 2, 2011.
Entries clearly labeled “Media Awards 2011” can be posted or physically delivered to:

The Population Secretariat
Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development
Statistics House, 2nd floor
9 Colville Street
P.O. Box 2666, Kampala
Attn: Head, Information and Communication Department