Population Counter
National Population Council is responsible for overseeing the overall implementation of the National Advocacy strategy towards a quality population.

To-date a number of milestones have been registered as regards advocacy for population issues in Uganda as a result of advocacy effort by NPC along with partners including civil society, the media and development partners, which has led to:

  • Formulation of an explicit National Population Policy promulgated by the Government in 1995 and revised in 2008, which along with a National Population Action Plan are now under implementation.
  • Coordination of effective implementation of the National Population Policy and programmes countrywide.
  • Increased understanding of inter-linkages between population and development issues thus putting them on the nation’s development agenda.
  • Increased integration of population variables into development plans and programmes at national, sectoral, district and lower levels.
  • Use of population data in various formats such The State of the Population Reports, policy briefs; research briefs and synopsizes e.t.c to advocate for key population issues pertinent
  • An institutional framework for the implementation of the population policy and programmes has been established at district and lower levels.
  • Established strategic partnerships with Government Line Ministries and agencies, Parliament, Civil Society Organizations, International Organizations and development partners on population and development issues.
  • Mobilised resources for the implementation of the National Population Policy and Programme.
  • A number of polices and guidelines have been developed
The above milestones notwithstanding, more advocacy effort is needed for Uganda to effectively leverage its population resource and fast track the largely peasant and informal sector- based economy into a modern middle income status.

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