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State of Uganda Population Report (SUPRE) 2022

State of Uganda Population Report (SUPRE) 2022

Each year, the National Population Council in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) produce the State of Uganda Population Report (SUPRE) and launch it concurrently with the State of World Population Report (SWoP). This occasion provides an opportunity for Ugandans and development partners to take stock of the population and development concerns in the country.


The State of Uganda Population Report (SUPRE) is an annual publication of the National Population Council (NPC), produced since 2001 with the objective of advancing advocacy for population and development by highlighting the issues that impede the achievement of national development and undermine the progress towards achieving quality of life for the people of Uganda. The report outlines several strategic recommendations and some of the policy frameworks that Uganda needs to put in place. Information in these reports have informed policy and enhanced the debate on key population and development issues but also elevated these issues on policy, media and public agendas.


The theme for this year’s State of Uganda Population Report is “Accelerate Demographic Transition: Refocus investments to attain a favorable population age structure for sustainable development”. The 2022 State of Uganda Population Report underscores the importance of changing the population age structure to reduce high child dependency burden. This shift creates a window of opportunity to attain the demographic dividend if the right investments in health, education, the economy and good governance are made. The report will be launched on 24th November, 2022 at Sheraton Kampala Hotel. The Prime Minister of Uganda Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja is expected to officiate at this function.

Objectives for launch event

The main objective of this event is to highlight Uganda’s population concerns, opportunities and prospects to the attention of policy makers, politicians, religious leaders, development partners and the public as well.

It is also a mechanism through which debates and discussions on population issues can be enhanced with a view to prioritizing them on the agenda of legislators and leaders at various levels. 

Not least of all, the event serves as an appropriate forum for educating various sectors of the population on Population and Development issues.


Participation will include selected Members of Parliament, high ranking civil servants, religious and cultural leaders, NGOs, UN representatives in Uganda, the academia and the media.  500 people are expected to attend the launch.